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'One of the most natural and gifted presenters of Adobe Photoshop... the audience never fails to be engaged'
Chris Kitchener – Adobe Systems

Moving to digital has never been easier
Created by photographers for photographers, the photoshop4photographer's seminar delivers essential learning for all interested in furthering their knowledge of Adobe Photoshop Standard or Extended, improving digital photography workflows and automating routine tasks.

Covering only the core elements vital to image editors and creators, Adobe consultant Terry Steeley shares digital imaging best practice considerations, as well as demonstrates countless invaluable time-saving techniques for simplifying everyday tasks.

topics covered
Understanding Adobe Bridge
Digital Negative format .DNG
Camera RAW vs JPG
Working with 'File Info' metadata
8-bit or 16-bit workflows
Adobe colour management setup
Masking & cut-outs
Dust & scratch removal
Monochrome conversions
Sharpening for print
Image protection
Smart objects
Converting RGB to CMYK

For photographers who have previously enjoyed years in the darkroom, you will be shown 'how to' recreate the traditional processes of the darkroom. These techniques include Lith, low contrast and Van Dyke prints, cyanotypes, kallitypes, mono, split-toning, cross-processing and digital infrared.

who should attend
Amateur, semi-professional and professional photographers interested in furthering their knowledge of digital photography.

duration of event
This is a full day's seminar with a 20 minute break in the morning and the afternoon. One hour is provided for lunch.

seminar dates
Tickets for this seminar are currently not available. For advance notification of forthcoming events please join our mailing list

 who teaches this course
Terry Steeley
Since graduating DeMontfort University in 1992 with a Upper Second BA(hons) Design degree, Terry Steeley has worked passionately within the design and photographic industries both in the UK and overseas.

In 1999, he founded iridius, a full-service design and training company based in Oxfordshire delivering award-winning creative solutions, bespoke customer focussed training and the highly-acclaimed iridius seminars to a varied list of prestigious clients.

More recently, Terry has developed the popular Capture Edit Print, Creative Suite Essentials and Totally Colour Managed seminars, working with photographers, designers and print production professionals of all levels, providing easy to follow answers to common everyday problems.

Terry Steeley is Adobe's Senior Freelancer for Creative Suite and Digital Imaging, a HP industry influencer and an Apple Solutions Expert.

  tel: 0845 094 5506   fax: 0845 094 5507